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tomotada.akutsu - 21:43 Thursday 16 June 2022 (21158) Print this report
Connect picomotors and piezo drivers to the relevant steering mirrors on the POP table

w/ help fo Hirata, Yano, Miyoki; following 20616. Not yet completed but mostly done.

Summary of the situation

About the two pico-piezo steering mirrors on the POP table (those replaced in 17825),

  • Connected the piezo wires to the relevant drivers; the drivers are not power supplied yet.
  • Connected the picomotors to the driver lines that were rooted the other day (20920) by Nakagaki and Ikeda.

Piezo connectivity

  • First, tha naming convention follows Fig. 6 of 17615; clock-wisely, 0, 120, 240 deg -> top, right bottom, left bottom from seeing HR of each mirror.
  • 0, 120, 240 -> connected to X, Y, Z, respectively.
  • The naming convention of the mirror at POP, I follow JGW-T2113048-v1, so the first one is POP GrM3 (Fig. 1), and the second one is POP GrM4 (Fig. 2), so the piezo drivers are labeled so (Fig. 3).
  • Note that the power supply cables for these piezo drivers are not connected. And the inupt cables to the drivers are not connected yet.

Pico connectivity

  • The above POP GrM3 -> POP1, GrM4 -> POP2.
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tomotada.akutsu - 11:05 Friday 17 June 2022 (21163) Print this report

Connected the input cables from DGS to these piezo drivers. The assignment is:

  • ALS-X STM1 -> POP GrM3
  • ALS-X STM2 -> POP GrM4

To clarify the naming assignment, I added relevant labels on the piezo drivers (see the attached photo).

The channel assignment is

  • ALS-X STM1-1, 2, 3 -> X, Y, Z -> 0, 120, 240 deg
  • ALS-X STM2-1, 2, 3 -> X, Y, Z -> 0, 120, 240 deg

Please prepaire carefully a relevant AC taps, and connect the AC cables from these drivers just before you would start the final adjustment of them.

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