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VIS (General)
satoru.ikeda - 21:49 Friday 19 February 2021 (16068) Print this report
LimitSwitch is now enabled.

Limit Switch is enabled when sitemap-STEPPING MOTOR-STEPPER OVERVIEW-LR Distance[steps or SW] is set to 1.
 IP(H1,H2,H3): Already enabled (1).
 F0_YAW: Changed to Enable (1 from 0).
 F0_GAS(FR): Changed to Enabled (0 to 1).
 IP(H1,H2,H3): Since SR2 and SR3 of the same spring-loaded mechanism are abnormal (always on), we have determined that it is preferable not to use this Switch.
 F0_YAW: Changed to enable (from 0 to 1).
 F0_GAS(FR): Changed to Enabled (from 0 to 1).
 IP(H1,H2,H3): LimitSwitch for H1 and H2 is currently ON even though it should be OFF and is broken. There are no plans to repair them and they are unusable.
 F0_YAW: Already enabled (1).
 F0_GAS(FR): Changed to enabled (1 from 0).
 IP(H1,H2,H3): LimitSwitch for H1 is currently ON, although it should be OFF, and is broken. There is no plan to repair it and it is unusable.
 F0_YAW: Changed to enable (from 0 to 1).
 F0_GAS(FR): Already enabled (1).
  K-Log#15592, #15541, #15582

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fabian.arellano - 11:36 Sunday 21 February 2021 (16072) Print this report

Some of the items above require clarification:

  • We are planing to use all the limit switches in all the SR IPs.
  • We aim to fix the switches that are not currently working in SR3 and SR2 IPs. We have purcheased a tool that, in principle, would enable us to remove them so we can fix them easily.
  • We should find a way to improve communication.
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