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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
koji.nagano - 19:20 Tuesday 05 February 2019 (7976) Print this report
Assembled opto-mechanis and disassembled obsolete green optics in TMSY (GPT part)

[K. Nagano, K. Tanaka, and Akutsu]

Today, we assembled opto-mechanis for TMSY (GPT part), such as periscope, pedestal, holders, and so on (figure 1).
(For detail list, please see design.)
Note that almost no optics were installed, except four 2-inch mirrors for IR (PYD-20)
BRT part was reported here.

Also, to install new assembled system, we disassembled obsolete green optics (for opsolete system, please see klog4589.)
Almost all of them were packed to send them back to NAOJ.
Some optics will be returned to PSL pre-room (ZENSHITSU).

From tomorrow (hopefully...), we will start installation work.

To Do List

- Bring 3 15-pins Whitening Filters, 1 BNC-Dsub converter
- Bring 5 D-sun 15-pins cables (length should be decided)
- Bring 3 PYD-10s from PSL pre-room.

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