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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
tomotada.akutsu - 19:13 Tuesday 05 February 2019 (7975) Print this report
Re-preparation of BRT parts of TMSY

Nagano, K. Tanaka, Akutsu; see for more detail here.

Replaced some parts of BRT to do the homeworks shown here. And then, now,

  • STM3: the third steering mirror just following the BRT2 lens: CVI HM-2037-45
  • HBS: hermonic beam splitter (refl: IR, trans: GR): HBSY21
  • BRT3: the third BRT lens only for green transmission from HBS: Sigma SLB-50.8-200NM
  • GST0: green-only steering mirror following BRT3: Sigma TFMQSP-50.8C10-20-532/1064-0/26D

Those are the same parts as ones in TMSX shown 6455.

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