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koji.nagano - 12:55 Sunday 21 October 2018 (6652) Print this report
Modification of TMS in-air part (i.e. GPT part) optical layout design

(This report is also related with Beam Reducing Telescopes task in AOS section.)

During installation of TMSX, we found some issues in in-air part (i.e. GPT part) optical layout design reported in klog6070.
The main problem was the periscopes were too close to edge of the optical table.
This leads to the risk of touching on the periscopes and mirrors during work around the optical table.
Thus we put some optics in different place from the original design as listed below (same discription as klog6519)

  • Optics for green path are shifted in +X direction by 4 x 25mm
  • IR periscope, RST1 and RST2 are shifted in +X direction by 1 x 25mm
  • Beam dumps for IR path are not installed yet
  • Beam dumps for green path are placed differently to dump actual ghost beam

Also, we found that the screws to fix the mirror holder on periscope should be 16-mm long (previously, we used 10-mm long screws and it was short!)

According to these problems, the layout design and parts list in JGW-T180862 were updated (currently ver5 is latest version.).
(Note that beam dump positions are not modified.)
The new optical layout design is attached.

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