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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
kenta.tanaka - 9:52 Friday 12 October 2018 (6519) Print this report
Installation the optics for IR of GPT at X-end
[Michimura, Akutsu, K.Tanaka]
On 2018/10/11
We almost installed the optical system for IR-beam from HBS1 by using green ghost beam. Figure 1 is the overall view. But the beam was too weak and the large part of the green power transmitted by PYD mirrors for IR, so we could only align the beam upto TMSX IR QPD1 and IR PD. TMSX IR QPD2 and TMSX_IR camera are placed at nominal positions. We checked TMSX_IR camera is working with a laser pointer. 
Michimura-san installed beam dumps for green-path to protect from the reflection from QPDs, PDs and cameras(Figure 4). And He and Akutsu-san fixed cables on the optical table with cable ties(Figure 2), and temporarily taped the cables on the floor(Figure 3).
We list up the difference between the design (JGW-T1808962) and current set up.
  • Optics for green path are shifted in +X direction by 4 x 25mm
  • IR periscope, RST1 and RST2 are shifted in +X direction by 1 x 25mm
  • Beam dumps for IR path are not installed yet
  • Beam dumps for green path are placed differently to dump actual ghost beams
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