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koji.nagano - 22:53 Sunday 09 September 2018 (6070) Print this report
TMS in-air part (i.e. GPT part) optical layout design

[K. Nagano, Michimura, and Akutsu (with input from K. Izumi, Y. Enomoto, and many people)]

From the end of this Sep., the installation of TMS will start from X-end (then Y-end).
For that, we designed TMS in-air part (i.e. GPT part) optical layout.
The fundamental design and test (lens positions/focal lengths, QPD positions, and so on) had been done by T. Morozumi in his master thesis.
This time, following his design, we did selection and design of non-fundamental optics/mechanics parts (e.g. steering mirror, post height and so on).

The generated layout is shown in the attached figure.
(The beam comes from the left side and the left circle indicates EXT or EYT chamber. Note that the BRT part in the chamber is not shown.)
You can find more detailed parts-list and design philosophy in JGW-T180896.

Non-image files attached to this report
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