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kouseki.miyo - 18:09 Wednesday 03 February 2021 (15910) Print this report
TF measurement for F3 GAS filter

Takahashi, Sato, Horiuchi (Mirapro), Miyo

We confirmed that F3 was installed propery except the high sensor noise as mentioned in klog#15906.

We measured TF for F3  as we had done for BF in klog#15786.
The resonant frequency of F3 was 0.22 Hz as shown in the attached figure.
Measurement file is /users/Miyo/dropbox/LOG/210203/f3_tuning.xml.
Please note that we have not applied the new calibration factor for F3 filter as reported in klog#15891 for this TF plot. We used the previous one (15891)

Anyway, we will prepare to install the F2 filter.

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