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satoru.ikeda - 21:30 Tuesday 02 February 2021 (15890) Print this report
Comment to Traverser motor test and cabling. (15889)

I ran a Python script against the PR3 Traverser.

The script is documented in the KAGRA Wiki.

It did not work as expected as reported by Fabian-san.

Therefore, I investigated the configuration of the motor driver.
It seems that the contents of the Traverser motor driver consists of an FP0R-C16CT and four CVD507-Ks.


From the CN2 pin of this CVD507-K, it is connected to each color cable of the motor via a serial connector.
This connection is necessary.
It is not possible to change this pinout in the script.

Do it next time.
Check the pin layout on the motor controller side and the pin layout of the serial connector.
Check which of the serial connector and the color cable of the motor are connected.

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