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ryohei.kozu - 7:30 Wednesday 12 September 2018 (6106) Print this report
SR2 GEOphones PSDs

[Enzo, Hirata-san, Panwei, Koz](9/11)


We locked the IPs and took measurement of GEOphones PSDs.

The result is here.

The reference is from Fujii-san (Klog: 4529). The datafile is in /users/VIS/TypeB/180323/.

In interval [1, 6] and interval [12, 15], the PSD is markedly different from the reference.

This might be bacause the PI and the assembly frame vibrated more than the optical table.

However since we are not sure, we need to re-measure the PSD again after installation and at that time SR2 will be in the tank.

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