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satoru.takano - 15:03 Tuesday 15 May 2018 (5014) Print this report
calibration of coil-magnet actuators for TMS stages

[Takano, Miyazaki, Akutsu]

in Mitaka (2018 May 14)

There are 12 coils (No.1 ~ No.12) for coil-magnet actuators of TMS stages. Coil No.3 was broken (the wire got loose), so we calibrated 11 coils. The measurement setup looked similar to the previous measurement (2994). 

The link to the measured data are :

I attached the result of calibration made by Miyazaki-kun.

No.1: 0.025587(2)
No.2: 0.025656(6)
No.4: 0.02551(1)
No.5: 0.025622(9)
No.6: 0.0238(3)
No.7: 0.0246(3)
No.8: 0.0244(3)
No.9: 0.0242(3)
No.10: 0.0245(3)
No.11: 0.0243(3)
No.12: 0.0238(3)
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tomotada.akutsu - 22:29 Tuesday 15 May 2018 (5020) Print this report
  • Note 1: in the attached figure, the horizontal axis is input voltage to the high power coil driver used in the measurement, not to the coils themselves.
  • Note 2: the "input voltage" is not the ones shown in the display of the signal generator, but the estimated actual output, as the signal generator assumes the input impedance of the driver is 50 ohm (but in fact it is not).
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