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satoshi.tanioka - 21:50 Monday 17 July 2017 (3103) Print this report
Comment to Test setup of a coil-magnet actuator for TMS stage (2994)

In Mitaka.

I measured the efficiency of coil magnet actuator as same manner as I did before. The signal was generated by the signal generator which has 50 ohm input impedance. First, I adjusted position to set the magnet at center. Then, I changed the position of the magnet. I moved to right side and back side as seen from the front of the mettler and lowered the magnet downwards. When I moved the magnet, zero point (the value when the current is 0A) varied.

[Measured position]
・1mm to right
・1mm to right and 1mm to back
・2mm to right and 1mm to back
・2mm to right and 2mm to back
・1mm below
・2mm below

・the efficiency(slope of fitted line)
The efficiency was all the same value.
-5.0 N/A
No change due to changing position was seen.
This value is larger than I measured before (-4.5 N/A).

・offset value (the unit is not [N])
original 0.01g -0.03g
1mm to right and 1mm to back -0.05g -0.06g
2mm to right and 1mm to back -0.07g -0.08g
2mm to right and 2mm to back -0.06g -0.08g
1mm to right 0.06g 0.06g
1mm below -0.13g -0.13g
2mm below -0.25g -0.26g
Left value is when the voltage was changed -3V to 3V, right value is when the voltage was changed 3V to -3V.

When I moved the magnet below, the offset value varied. However, the efficiency did not change.

The change of the efficiency was seen when I measured before, but it could not be seen this time. Moreover, the efficiency was about 10% larger than before.

The attached figure shows the measured and fitted data of original(initial) position and when I lowered the magnet (the offset is different slightly). Other point was almost the same as initial position.

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