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kaori.obayashi - 15:36 Thursday 19 May 2022 (20793) Print this report
Analysis of transient signals of IMMT1

[M.Murakoshi (Aogaku), Y.Sato (Aogaku), S.Tanaka (Aogaku), R.Yamazaki (Aogaku), Oshino, Yokozawa, Yuzurihara, K.Obayashi (Aogaku)]

Motivation of this investigation = klog (2022 April 20)

We analyzed the channels related to IR control on 2022/4/20 17:55:00 - 18:25:00 JST (PRM safe) in order to investigate the cause of the sudden signal change of IMMT1(K1:VIS-IMMT1_TM_WIT_P_DQ / K1:VIS-IMMT1_TM_WIT_Y_DQ).
The details of this analysis is uploaded on JGW doc written in Japanese. Sorry.

From this analysis, we found that the following channels show coincidence with the glitches on K1:VIS-IMMT1_TM_WIT_P_DQ and K1:VIS-IMMT1_TM_WIT_Y_DQ.

Future work
・Create some scatter plot of these channels and analyze behavioral trends in more detail around the time of the glitch.
・Same work at the time of PRM misalin and compare with this work.

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