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takafumi.ushiba - 19:28 Thursday 17 March 2022 (20124) Print this report
IRX recovery work from the earthquake.

[Hirata, Matteo, Obayashi, Tamaki, Yamazaki Yokozawa, Ushiba]

We recovered IRX.
Beam spot on IMMT1, IMMT2, PR3 were checked.

Because IMC OpLevs are recovered to previous position when IMC ASC was engaged, we considered IMC was not moving a lot due to earthquake.
So, we checked down stream from IMC one by one.

First, we checked the beam shape after IFI (fig1) and position in front of IMMT1 (fig2), which seems good.
We also checked the IMMT1 trans beam, which passes the slightly right side of the viewpot (fig3) and hit the lower position of steering mirror for IMMT1 TRANS QPDs (fig4).
Then, we checked the beam position on IMMT2 (fig5), which seems also good.

So, we moved IMMT2 and PR2 for recovering the IRX alignment.
The alignment procedure is same as the way in klog19374 and we can get the IRX flash (fig6).
After that, we checked the beam position on PR3 and seems fine (fig7: green, fig8: IR).

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tomotada.akutsu - 22:25 Thursday 17 March 2022 (20139) Print this report

The beam spot on the IMMT1T viewport window and on the IMMT1T-ISS steering mirror should be like this (19585), otherwise unseen ghost beam so far due to lowe power might be scattered out all around in the near future...

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