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hirotaka.yuzurihara - 17:59 Wednesday 09 March 2022 (20027) Print this report
Investigation of sudden power reduction of IMMT oplev by using PRM

[Ueno(Aoyama Gakuin univ.)]

Ueno-san investigated the cause of sudden power reduction of IMMT oplev, by the request from Ushiba-san. She checked the values of IMMT1 channels (K1:IMC-IMMT1_TRANS_QPDA1_DC_PIT_OUT_DQ and K1:IMC-IMMT1_TRANS_QPDA1_DC_YAW_OUT_DQ), when the sudden power reduction of IMMT oplev happened. These values are read by eye on ndscope.

I attach the word file (probably this was a good chance to demonstrate excel!). Tomorrow this task will continue.

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hirotaka.yuzurihara - 1:26 Friday 11 March 2022 (20049) Print this report

[Ueno(Aoyama Gakuin univ.), Yuzurihara]

We workied on making the scatter plot of the data of IMMT1 channels (K1:IMC-IMMT1_TRANS_QPDA1_DC_PIT_OUT_DQ and K1:IMC-IMMT1_TRANS_QPDA1_DC_YAW_OUT_DQ), when the glitch happened on the IMMT oplev. I attach the scatter plot.

Note that the plotting has not yet been completed, such as adding the x-label and y-label. To know the typical behavior of IMMT1 channels, we should add the data of other normal time.

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hirotaka.yuzurihara - 20:28 Friday 11 March 2022 (20064) Print this report

[Ueno(Aoyama Gakuin univ.), Yokozawa, Ushiba, Yuzurihara]

Ueno-san continuced the investigation, summarized the result as the plot, report it to Ushiba-san. His plot is attached.

The purple cross indicates the data at the time of glitch. The green and red and pink reagions shows the background data to compare the data distribution on the scatter plot. Although the figure size is different, the axis are almost allined, so we can compare the data. 

Ushiba-san's comment in the discussion

The reason of three islands on this plot is the change of IMC alignment. In the left top reasion, purple crosses are distributed only in the specific reagion. So, this might be related to the glitch cause. We should check the data of these channels more carefully.

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