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hiromi.yasui - 13:40 Monday 28 February 2022 (19914) Print this report
Comment to Suspension modeling of ETMX (19868)

I made suspension models of GAS and MN of ETMX.

These models were based on the Transfer functions measurement on Feb 18, which are stored at /kagra/Dropbox/Measurements/VIS/PLANT/ITMX/2022/02/PLANT_ETMX_STANDBY_GAS_TEST_{F0,F1,F3}_202202181906.xml, /kagra/Dropbox/Measurements/VIS/PLANT/ITMX/2022/02/PLANT_ETMX_STANDBY_MN_TEST_{L,P,R,T,Y}_202202181906.xml, respectively.

Then I stored these models at FM10(SUSMod_220218) of GAS_DAMP and MN_DAMP filter banks respectively.

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