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terrence.tsang - 12:30 Thursday 25 November 2021 (18993) Print this report
SR2 optical lever sensing matrix OPLEV2EUL

With length parameters below

SR2 mirror to viewport: 990 mm (Typical for SR chambers, measured from CAD)
viewport to steering mirror: 290 mm (7751)
steering mirror to tilt sensing QPD: 175 mm (7751)
steering mirror to lens: 90 mm (7751)
lens to length sensing QPD: 384 mm (7751)
angle of incidence of the optical lever on the vertical plane: 36.9 degrees (Typical)
focal length of the lens,

The sensing matrix of the SR2 OpLev was calculated and shown in the figure attached.
Calculation notebook: /kagra/Dropbox/Subsystems/VIS/vis_commissioning/sr2/notebook/oplev sensing matrix.ipynb

I did a sanity check of the calibration factors and matrix by comparing the displacements at the IP and TM, they were off by some 10-20%.

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