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takahiro.yamamoto - 18:12 Wednesday 25 August 2021 (18014) Print this report
Swapping CMS for PLL-X and PLL-Y
[Akutsu, YamaT]

Related work of klog#17993

We swapped CMS for PLL-X and PLL-Y each other.
Now S1809501 and S1809505 are used for PLL-X and PLL-Y, respectively.

After preparing the PLL version of a new CMS, we will replace S1809505 which is noisy.

Fig.1 shows PLL spectra before (X: magenta, Y: cyan) and after (X: red, Y: blue) swapping CMS.
MIXER_DAQ of X get quiet and one of Y become noisy now.
The MIXER_DAQ of X became quiet, and the MIXER_DAQ of Y became noisy.
We will monitor whether the oscillation around 300Hz, which sometimes occurred on X, will appear (or hopefully vanish) on X or Y.
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