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VIS (General)
satoru.ikeda - 14:57 Monday 05 April 2021 (16391) Print this report
Supported for common Payload model files: Type-Bp(PR3) to PAYLOAD_MASTER

 Changed PR3's Payload model (k1vispr3p.mdl) to a new model (PAYLOAD_MASTER/PAYLOAD_MASTER).
 This work will make the configuration the same as other Type-Bp.
 PRM: K-Log#15652
 PR2: K-Log#15677

 To remove WD and DK, set the following values:
 K1:VIS-PR3_TM_WD_OPLEVAC_RMS_MX: 0 -> 10000

 The following definition was removed because it does not exist.

Increase/decrease of EPICS channel:
 Omitted because it is almost the same as PRM, see attached file for details.

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satoru.ikeda - 9:49 Tuesday 06 April 2021 (16401) Print this report
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