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naohisa.satou - 18:46 Wednesday 31 March 2021 (16365) Print this report
Wiring the release sensor (outside the vacuum chamber)

1. Installed the Ex-I/O chassis (JGW-E1706268) in the rack. 
2. Wired between the chamber feedthrough and the Ex-I/O chassis. 
(I did not wire from the Ex-I/O chassis to the DGS.)

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naohisa.satou - 11:00 Friday 09 April 2021 (16438) Print this report

Working on 2021.4.8

  • Connected wiring from Ex-I/O chassis to DGS.
  • Verified that the signal from the release sensor can be read from the PC. (Since I could not actually run the release sensor, I added a pseudo-signal to check)
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