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satoru.ikeda - 18:28 Thursday 04 February 2021 (15930) Print this report
Connect and check the drive of the PR2 traverser.

[Ikeda, Hirata-san]

We connected the PR2 traverser and checked the drive.


The pin assignment matched the pin assignment of the motor driver as expected.
We also confirmed that it worked properly by operating it as X(T):+50,-50 and Y(R):+50,-50.
The positions were measured with a dial gauge.
At the end of the operation, it was returned to the position before the operation started.

I was told by Takahashi-san that the PR3 was initially connected incorrectly and that a conversion cable exists.
I'm going to change the connection from the motor to the D-Sub 9pin of the traverser in the chamber tomorrow.

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