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VIS (General)
kouseki.miyo - 19:53 Tuesday 02 February 2021 (15888) Print this report
All payload models are in PAYLOAD_MASTER.mdl

While Ikeda-san and Yamamoto-san have made the payload models for each Type-A(#15675), B(#15684), and Bp(#15677) suspensions in common/model/PAYLOAD_MASTER.mdl as summarized in wiki, we have not unified the Type-C suspensions in there. Then today, I gathered the Type-C models in the PYALOAD_MASTER.mdl not built them.
This modifications plan for Type-C models are shown in attachedfiles:

  • old*.png are the old model used in now
  • new*.png are the new model that I'm planning

After checking some EPICS channels that will be changed by building the new models, I will build models for Type-C suspension.

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