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satoru.ikeda - 14:32 Thursday 28 January 2021 (15854) Print this report
Comment to Relay Switch of Stepper Motor Driver (15847)

We investigated the relay switch of the stepper motor driver because it did not work.

The TEST toggle switches for both BS, SRM, SR2 and SR3 were turned on.
 Therefore, I could not operate from the EPICS channel, so I turned off all TEST toggle switches once.

I also put a "Turn off if use BIO" label next to the toggle switch.

The following situations were different.

 When changed to OFF, the relay switch operated normally from the EPICS channel.

 The relay switch was connected to IP and GAS in reverse.
 We checked the model and confirmed that the actual connections and the wiring in the model are reversed.
 To match the model, we swapped the IP and GAS connections and confirmed that it works correctly.

 The relay cable was connected correctly, but could not be operated from the EPICS channel.
 After investigation, there was no connection between the Binary In/Out Converter and the I/O Chassis.

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