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satoru.ikeda - 13:50 Tuesday 22 December 2020 (15677) Print this report
Support for common Payload model files: Payload of Type-Bp (PR2) is supported to PAYLOAD_MASTER.

Model commonization: Type-B(PR2) is compatible with PAYLOAD_MASTER.

 Changed to PAYLOAD_MASTER/PAYLOAD_MASTER with reference to PRM(15652).

Set the following values to release WD and DK:

We also rebooted the model and set it to MON with the default values, and then made the following changes
K1:VIS-PRM_DITHER{P,Y}2EUL_1_1: IM_DTHER_{PIT,YAW} is left at 0 since it is originally ground.
K1:VIS-PRM_DITHER{P,Y}2EUL_2_1: TM_DTHER_{PIT,YAW} was connected and changed to 1.0

 The following values were deemed unnecessary and removed.

Increase/decrease of EPICS channel:
 Omitted because it is almost the same as PRM. See attached file for details.

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