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OBS (General)
tatsuki.washimi - 17:00 Sunday 12 April 2020 (14119) Print this report
Shift report [2020/04/12 9:00-17:00]

DURATION: 2020/04/12 9:00-17:00 JST, all times posted in JST

operator shift : T. Yokozawa
co-operator shift : T. Washimi
Supported by T. Yamamoto

shift SUMMARY : BNS range ~0.6Mpc, Lock duration =100% (No lockloss)

Time (JST) Event
9:00  Shift started. Observing continued from the last shit time. BNS range ~600kpc, lock duration = 3h 45m
9:30  Y-arm green dropped. IR is still locked.
16:53  Earthquake. Lock is not lossed.
17:00 Shift change.


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