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fabian.arellano - 13:20 Wednesday 01 April 2020 (13927) Print this report
Offloading onto fishing rods


  • I offloaded the IP coil-magnet actuation onto the horizontal fishing rods.
  • F0 and F1 fishing rods are already at their limit, so I didn't offload.


  • IP H2 needed offloading. Its actuation reached approximately -18,000 cnts. In terms of Longitudinal, Transverse and Yaw the actuation was 5851, -4689 and -293 counts respectively.
  • F0 GAS actuation is -12,400 counts.
  • F1 GAS actuation is -11,500 counts.

After actuation

  • IP H1, H2 and H3 are -6000, 40 and 11,500 counts. It was hard to reduce all of them at the same time because the degrees of freedom are coupled when using the horizontal fishing rods.
  • F0: no change. See below.
  • F1: no change. See below.
  • The picture shows by how many steps I actuated the IP stepper motors.

Information about the fishing rods can be found in the VIS Fishing Rod wiki page.  As reported there or in the klog entries therein referred to, the F0 and F1 fishing rods are already at their limit and we cannot offload more.

  • In the case of F0 we would require to increase the temperature up to 25  °C to get the keystone to nominal position . Now it is  23.1 °C.
  • In the case of F1 since the 18th of February 2019 the fishing rod has been at its lowest.

Additional information:

  • Current BS thermometer reading: 23.1 °C.
  • Requested clean boot temperature: 25 °C (see entry 7420).
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