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shinji.miyoki - 9:53 Friday 28 February 2020 (13208) Print this report
Down the ITMY position by ~ 0.5 mm using GAS filters.

[Lucia, Miyoki, Okutomi]

Final target

ITMY mirror position is pushed down by 4.5mm to realize the beam centering at ITMY to avoid 1 Hz oscillation after realignment of IFO.


Today's trial and Results

We changed the target value of F2, F3 GAS filters by 100, then 0.5mm down was estimated. We avoided to use F1 because of offset limitation. However, we did not obtain remarkable reduction of 1Hz.


Near Future Plan

We need to use fishing rod to adjust 4mm down the ITMY position. Although we would like to try with PRFPMI, the shock of moving fishing rod might destroy locking. The estimated total adjustment time maybe 3 hours or so. We will discuss when we will try this later.

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ayaka.shoda - 10:25 Friday 28 February 2020 (13209) Print this report

I found Fujii-kun's old post in last June that said that lowering down the suspension makes the payload behavior strange: klog

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