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MIF (General)
takafumi.ushiba - 19:16 Thursday 03 March 2022 (19963) Print this report
Continuous lock test of IRX

I kept locking the IRX wih guardian from 17:45 JST (fig1: IR Trans image with exposure time of 1000 us).
So, please do not touch IMC, IMMT1, IMMT2, PR2, PR3, ITMX, and ETMX tonight.

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takafumi.ushiba - 9:58 Friday 04 March 2022 (19973) Print this report

I stopped XARM guardian at 8:55 JST.

Figure 1 shows the STATE number of XARM guardian (1500 is the IR_LOCKED state).
Longest lock is about 30 min.

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takafumi.ushiba - 11:44 Monday 07 March 2022 (19988) Print this report


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