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ayaka.shoda - 16:45 Tuesday 13 August 2019 (9949) Print this report
A bit of improve of SR3 YAW motion

I investigated the SR3 situation a bit.

I found that the the noise in TM YAW motion at around 1-2.3 Hz is coming from the IMY damping filter.
This was because the phase margine wat not enough.

As I used the newly created damping filter 'damp2', then the noise has reduced at around 2 Hz.
However, the large peak at 1.3 Hz still remains. It seems to be because of the peaking due to a dip of the natural TF.

Also, I modified the SENSALIGN matrix according to the TF measurement results.
It does not affect the spectra so far. The TF check is not yet done.

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