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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
tomotada.akutsu - 20:31 Wednesday 05 June 2019 (9098) Print this report
Taking out the TMS-VIS-Y

Uraguchi, K. Tanaka, Takahashi (ICRR), and Akutsu in the morning

We peeled off the aluminum cover for the TMS-VIS-Y, and picked it up by a gantory crane (Fig 1) from the palette, and put it down on the floor. The TMS-VIS-Y was still in a cargo with wheels and covered by plastic foils. Then we moved it into the clean booth for the EYT chamber (Fig 2).

We peeled the plastic covers in the clean booth as well (Fig 3). We also slightly detached walls of the cargo to check whether the structure had got injured or not (Fig 4); fotunately, it seemed ok.

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