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VIS (General)
keiko.kokeyama - 18:47 Friday 04 March 2016 (906) Print this report
First simple VIS guardian

VIS_BS guardian is created as a first example for VIS guardian. At this moment it only checks TM watchdogs and it can control the master switch. Please develop it accordingly for all other suspensions, especially for PR3 damping automation. MC suspensions should be automated soon, too so that IMC guardian can see the MC suspensions's watchdog states.

INFO for  developers
1. copy or create new guardian code in .../userapps/release/vis/k1/guardian/ XXX is a suspension name.
2. From any workstation,
   $ guardctrl create VIS_XXX
   $ guardctrl start VIS_XXX
   $ guardmedm VIS_XXX
then you can edit, load, see the graph and so on from GUI. guardctrl also has options to stop, destroy and see the staus. See, its help message.

Please add your new guardian node on GUARDIAN_OVERVIEW.adl screen (can be found from sitemap).

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