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terrence.tsang - 15:02 Friday 31 May 2019 (9028) Print this report
Comment to SRM BF keystone height (8821)

The discussion during the VIS meeting reminded me of this SRM BF keystone issue, which has never been addressed. After a brief discussing with Aso-san, I decided to redefine the keystone height of the SRM BF to +100 µm and the SRM F1 to -100 µm so to put the BF keystone in a slightly better position while not compromising the IM OSEMs range. I then ran a quick TF check of BF GAS and IM V to make sure they are free floating (I didn't save the measurements). Now, the IM V OSEMs readings gives V1: 5080 cnts, V2: 3380 cnts, V3: 3910 cnts, which are only slightly above the acceptable linear range.

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