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koki.okutomi - 11:48 Friday 24 May 2019 (8959) Print this report
BO implementation for remote switching of the PRs' stepper motor drivers

(Work log on May 22, sorry for my late post.)

[Okutomi, Shoda, Fujii]

  • We set up the binary output (BO) to switch remotely the power of the stepper motoer drivers for PR suspensions.
    • The connection from the BO card to its downstream is listed below.
      • Contec 32ch DO card (BO)
      • BO adapter
      • (Gender changer Dsub-37 male-male)
      • Dsub cable 37ch female-male
      • Binary In/Out Converter
        • Mounted on the DGS rack
        • BNC shields should be shorted to the GND by putting jumper pins inside this chassis.
      • BNC cable
      • Stepper motor driver
        • Mounted on the near-chamber rack (in the clean booth)
        • The toggle switch for "Relay test" at the rear panel should be OFF (down).
  • Now the medm buttons are ready for remote switching.
    • We modified the RT model, as well as the medm screen that is shown below.
    • Medm screen for remote switching of the stepper motor drivers =>
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