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ryutaro.takahashi - 10:58 Monday 08 April 2019 (8580) Print this report
In-situ gluing of TM flag

(Log on 4-5th April)


[Takahashi, Pena, Fujii, Barton, Aso]

We applied in-situ gluing of the TM flags in PR2 and PRM. The flags at the left top in PR2, the left bottom in PR2 and the left top in PRM were glued in this order on the 4th, and released from the flag gluing jig (FGJ) on the 5th. The procedure was as follows. The flag base for the left bottom in PR2 was scraped to keep out the excess of glue on the mirror. 


  1. Fixed the TM to the RM.
  2. Fixed RM to the EQ stop with tie-lap.
  3. Removed the OSEM from the RM.
  4. Attached the base of flag gluing jig (FGJ) onto the RM by M5 screws.
  5. Inserted the center hold of FGJ with the flag.
  6. Adjusted the tilt of TM so that the flag base can fit to the surface of TM.
  7. Removed the center hold with the flag.
  8. Mounted the glue (EP30-2) onto the flag base.
  9. Inserted the center hold with the flag again.
  10. Fixed the center hold to the base by M4 screws.


  1. Removed the M4 screws for the center hold.
  2. Inserted the center bar into the center hold.
  3. Removed the center hold pushing the center bar.
  4. Removed the base of FGJ.
  5. Attached the OSEM onto the RM.
  6. Released the TM from the RM.
  7. Released the RM from the EQ stop.
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