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yoshinori.fujii - 16:25 Wednesday 27 March 2019 (8516) Print this report
2 hornes were off from the PR2-TM

With Fabian, Mark 
With help of Sawada-san, M. Takahashi-san, Hayakawa-san, Nakada-san, 
with Aso-san (remotely),

= PR2 =
-- We opened the side hatch of PR2 and also displaced the duct between PR2 and BS fpr a preperation of a visual inspection.
-- We then found that 2 flags with magnet came off from the TM surface.
  -- This seemed the reason of the issued problem.
--We removed the detached flags and started thinking to make a jig to reglue the flags to the mirror. The target date to finish this wrk would be around 11th April, 2019.
-- The photos are stored in

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