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MIF (ITF Control)
kiwamu.izumi - 19:30 Wednesday 27 February 2019 (8231) Print this report
IQ demodulator check-out on the way; rearranged the RF electronics in the IOO rack

Ryosuke, Yutaro, Kiwamu,

We have started the check-out of the demodulators for ISC. This is still ongoing.

As part of this activitiy, we rearranged the RF oscillators, RF distribution amplifiers and harmonic generator in the IOO rack. The rack diagram is updated to version 9 accordingly (D1706814). We believe that we plugged all the cables back in after the rearrangement work. But, please watch out for them when you work with these electronics because we might have left some mistake there. 

We still have to do the followings:

  • Insertion of the RF attenuators to adjust the RF level to 10 dBm at the input of each RF electronics.
  • Make sure that the RF SMA and N connectors are properly securely tightend.
  • Measure the amplitude and phase differences between the I and Q signals of each demodulator output.
  • Update the D-phase values and the relative gains in the digital system using the measured values.
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