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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
koji.nagano - 20:18 Sunday 30 September 2018 (6352) Print this report
Memo: optics stored in the desiccator in TMSX booth

On Sep. 28th, three 1-inch green mirrors (TFM-25C050532) were delivered from Opto Sigma (Sigma-Koki).
They were put and stored in the desiccator in TMSX booth.

As a reslut, all ordered optics for GPTX/Y has been delivered and stored in the desiccator in TMSX booth.
The stored optics list is shown as follows,

  * PLCX-50.8-180.3-UV-1064, one (GPT IR lens1),
  * PLCC-25.4-64.4-UV-1064, one (GPT IR lens2),
  * 10Q20HBS.33S, six (GPT IR BS) @,
  * NE205B, NE210B, NENIR210B, NENIR220B, two each (GPT ND filter) @,
  * LA1380-A-ML, two (GPT GR lens1) @,
  * BSW41-532, six (GPT GR BS) @,
  * TFM-25C050532, four (GPT GR steering mirror (1 inch)) @,
  * TFM-50C080532, eight (GPT GR steering mirror (2inch)) @,
  * TFA-25C05-10, three (GPT GR steering mirror (1inch)) %,
  * SLB-50.8-200NM, one (BRT lens3),
  * TFMQSP-50.8C10-20-532/1064-0/26D, two (BRT steering mirror),
  * HBSY21, one (BRT Harmonic BS),

where @, and % indicate that they will be used in TMSX and TMXY, and they are spares.
The usage is explained in JGW-T1808962.

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