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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
tomotada.akutsu - 12:13 Monday 01 October 2018 (6342) Print this report
Installed BRT on TMS-VIS at the Xend

Uraguchi, K. Nagano, Hasegawa, K. Tanaka, Kita, Akutsu (on Sept 28 2018)

Have finally installed the BRT part on the TMS-VIS in the EXT chamber at the faraway Xend!yescheeky  This is the first time that the both of the BRT and the TMS-VIS are unified together. Thank you for all the cooperation!

After the installation, we saw the BRT ouptut a collimated green beam, which was born in the center room, from where the light was traveling all the way to the Xend room, transmitting through the ETMX, illuminateing the BRT; the beam image Fig 8 would show the shadow of a PD's structure in front of ETMX.

After putting the BRT on the TMS-VIS, we also put dummy masses and ballast masses; the dummy masses are to imitate a vacuum compatible GPT to be put in the future. Then we roughly balanced the TMS-VIS to a nice position.

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kiwamu.izumi - 13:32 Monday 01 October 2018 (6362) Print this report

Hi Akutsu-san,

Nice pictures! Thank you so much for installing both the BRT and VIS parts of the TMS.

keiko.kokeyama - 14:29 Monday 01 October 2018 (6363) Print this report
Fantastic job!
yuta.michimura - 20:24 Monday 01 October 2018 (6370) Print this report

I like the photos very much.

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