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ayaka.shoda - 20:41 Wednesday 06 January 2016 (581) Print this report
Traverser actuation test

[Takahashi, Shoda]

We tested the Traverser actuation from the computer using the new PLC brought from Mitaka.

The 5 pin is moved to 9 pin, then we can actuate all the motors.

How to actuate the Traverser from the computer:

* install python including serial package.

* install the driver for the serial-USB converter.

* insert the USB port from the serial-USB converter from the Traverser satellite box.

* Find the number of the COM port you are using.

* Change the number of the s_fp.port at the line 128 in to the number of the COM port - 1.

* run

* [ini, hom, mov,...] > appears, then choose 'ini' for the first time you connect.

*[override, ...] > appears, then choose 'o' if you use for the first time from your computer, otherwise choose 'r'.

* then you can move to the actuation mode.
choose 'mov' for the actuation.

* [x,y,t,1-6] > appears, then choose the DOF you want to move. x is the tangent axis of the motors. y is the radial axis of the motors. t is the rotation.

* [** + [*]um(mrad) ] > appears, type the length (or degree) you want to move.

* if you want to finish, chose 'ext'. (Some error appears, but do not have to care.)


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