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takaaki.yokozawa - 18:13 Friday 03 August 2018 (5709) Print this report
BS re-cabling completed!

BS re-cabling was completed.
Could someone check the signal connection?
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ayaka.shoda - 14:52 Monday 06 August 2018 (5716) Print this report

Hi Yokozawa-san,

Thank you very much for working on this!

I have run the auto-measurement scripts and check the actuation is working as well.
The measurement results are in /users/VISsvn/TypeB/BS/TF/Measurements/180806.

Also, Fujii-kun connected the geophone signals.

I think the BS signals are all healthy now.

takaaki.yokozawa - 16:56 Tuesday 07 August 2018 (5727) Print this report
Thank you Shoda-san for quick check!
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