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yuki.miyazaki - 21:53 Tuesday 29 May 2018 (5106) Print this report
calibration of LVDT
[Miyazaki, Takano, Akutsu]

In Mitaka (29 May, 2018)
We proceeded calibration of LVDT coils for TMS stages just as report 5022 and 5046.
[1] We calibrated 3 coils (No.4, No.5, No.7) by measuring outputs while changing the displacement of primary coil on the axis.
[2] We checked the operation of the other LVDTs.

fitting func.: Output[count] = A*Displacement[mm] +B
No.4 : A = 6.73(3)e3(count/mm), B = 2.05(6)e3(count)
No.5 : A = 7.25(3)e3(count/mm), B = 2.12(3)e3(count)
No.7 : A = 7.39(2)e3(count/mm), B = -1.98(4)e3(count)

Note that, we connected pins of No.5 coil on reverse, so the actual tangent we measured was reversed.
You can get these data here:

Considering the condition where the coil driver has only 6 ports, we calibrated only 6 LVDTs. The others were only checked if they operates.
Note that, pins of No.10 and No.11 coil were connected on reverse.
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satoru.takano - 21:59 Saturday 02 June 2018 (5159) Print this report
Unfortunately we broke coil No.6… Wires were disconnected at pins.
Therefore, we calibrated coil No.7 instead of coil No.6.
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