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satoru.takano - 2:58 Wednesday 16 May 2018 (5022) Print this report
calibration of LVDT

[Takano, Miyazaki, Fujii, Shoda, Akutsu]

In Mitaka (2018 May 15)

1. We prepared a setup for calibration of LVDT, which will be used for TMS stages. 12 primary coils and 12 secondary coils were in the clean room, a pair of a primary and a secondary coil was fixed on the table, and a cable (LVDT H1) was connecetd to them.

2. We adjusted demodulation phase and amplifier gain to get a best linear range.

3. We calibated a pair of coils (primary coil No.1 and secondary coil No.1).

Result: output [count] = 6.59(3)e3 [count/mm] * x [mm] + 9.1(7)e2 [count]

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