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enzo.tapia - 14:36 Tuesday 17 April 2018 (4720) Print this report
Keystone adjustment range of SF for SR3

This is a pendant report from last week. With Kozu-kun:

We checked the performance of the fishing rod (FR) moving the stepper motor of SF for SR3 suspension.

The FR height is measured from the metal base plate of the stepper motor to the top of the PEEK plate. See picture 1.

For SR3_SF (SF-B2-6):

  • We prepared the load of 166.409[kg] to set the keystone at nominal position (65.5 [mm]).
  • The fishing rod height range is from 19.6 [mm] to 54.7 [mm].
  • The keystone adjustment range (using the fishing rod) is from 63.5 [mm] to 67.5 [mm]

So the keystone can be moved around +/- 2 [mm] from the nominal position (65.5 [mm]). See figure 2. 

Note: The filters were without the cap when the data was taken.

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