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MIF (ITF Control)
kiwamu.izumi - 11:13 Friday 23 March 2018 (4526) Print this report
A QPD hack completed; ready to install for ETMX baffle PDs

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As part of the prep for the upcoming X-arm alignment with the real ETMX mirror, I modified a QPD amplifier circuit, D1402411, in order to use it for the ETMX baffle PDs. The S/N is S1707229.

Here is an executive summary:

  • The QPD is physically taken out.
  • The reverse bias voltage is decreased to 3V from 15 V to adapt it for FGA21s.
  • The transimpedance gains were increased.
  • A set of cables were directly soldered onto the circuit and their ends were connected to a DB9 male connector.

The technical details can be found in the JGW document server at S1707229.

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