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AOS (Beam Reducing Telescopes)
tomotada.akutsu - 23:07 Tuesday 13 March 2018 (4438) Print this report
Delivery of a BRT and the two (fixed) stages

Furuta, Hayakawa, Tamori, Awai, Yokogawa, Sugimoto, Akutsu, and many helps

A BRT and the two fixed stages, which were packed and loaded to a truck in Mitaka yesterday, have been delivered to Kamioka. The BRT and one of the stage were brought to the Yend, while the other stage was still put in the center. The left stage will be delivered to Xend after the cryopayload will be rolled into EXC, so then the road to EXT will open.

All these loads were firstly accepted at the entrance of Shin-Atotsu. Then, the BRT was stucked on a lightweight truck, which Furuta-san drove to the "Mozumi" entrance. We did this twice so that the stage also moved there.

[Lesson] Including some small suspensions into the wooden box would be nicer...

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