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AOS (Baffles & Beam dumps)
tomotada.akutsu - 21:18 Wednesday 07 February 2018 (4134) Print this report
[WAB cooling] Preparation of photosensors

Some parts for photosensors to be used for the WAB cooling test were deliverd. I tried to assemble one of them; succeeded (Fig. 1 and 2).

Then I tried to connect an electric wire to a pin (Fig 3 and 4); because this will be used in cryogenic temperature, some of cryo folks recommended a special technique so I just followed the method. Cutting out a piece of copper tube (Nirako CU-115484; thanks Ushiba-kun, Miyamoto-kun), the pin from the sensor was inserted to the tube from the one side and swaged; then from the other side of the tube the electric wire (kapton jacket was peeled off) was inserted and swaged also; and swaged at all along the CU tube! Then I checked the continueity with a tester and seemed ok; pulled but not slipped out.

The most tricky part of the procedure was, I feel, the cutting of the copper tubes; anyway I learned how to nicely cut out them after a few trials, and made many of them (Fig 5); Pushing a cutter's blade gently and appropriate-strongly to the outer diameter of the tube (500mm long at first), the surface gets scratch due to the blade, and gently bend the tube trying to exert tension to the scratch, then it will be divided smoothly and the tube's inner diameter won't be deformed. Usually pipe cutting should be done with a pipe cutter, but this tube is too narrow/thin so I cannot find any suitable tube cutter (nor Miyamoto-kun).

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