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mark.barton - 12:26 Wednesday 31 January 2018 (4058) Print this report
SR2 Installation

With Fabian and Hirata-san.

This morning:

  • We inspected the blades more carefully. Two look OK, but unfortunately the third (the one immediately anticlockwise from the magic wand) has a large number (≈15) of suspicious cracks, mostly along one edge. There is also some brownish discoloration in that general area. See attached diagram.
  • Many of the cracks are in the shape of a very flat X. The largest ones are about 8 mm long and about 1-2 mm tall. See attached photo.
  • We will not work further with this filter until we get an expert opinion.
  • This afternoon we will bring the third SR top filter into the SRM section of the cleanbooth and inspect it in case it also has problems.
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mark.barton - 16:12 Wednesday 31 January 2018 (4061) Print this report

With Fabian and Hirata-san.

This afternoon:

  • We craned in SR top filter #3 and inspected the blades.
  • Two blades each have one obvious X-shaped crack 10-12 mm in length similar to the largest cracks in the bad blade seen in SR top filter #1 this morning.
  • One blade has three enormous cracks about 30 mm long in a group and looks as if it could fail at any time (see attached photo and diagram).


  • #1: In SR3 area, one blade with lots of significant cracks, two blades seemingly OK.
  • #2: In box, totally broken.
  • #3: In SRM area, two blades with one significant crack each, one blade with a group of enormous cracks.

It looks like we will have to get a new batch of blades and rebuild all the top filters. In the meantime we can continue with assembling SR2 up to the SF.

At a convenient time, we should also remove the lid from the BS and inspect the top filter in that suspension as well. We don't recall seeing any cracks but we didn't know what to look for at the time.

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