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naoko.ohishi - 11:43 Friday 09 June 2017 (2886) Print this report
IMMT1 mirror removed from chamber

[Kirii, Doi, Ohishi]

Firstly, we removed the old fixed IMMT1 mirror and its holder from the chamber.
Because a bundle of cables connected to the picomotors was fixed to the stack, we needed to open additional small flange to do it.
After we removed it from the chamber, Doi-san noticed that a picomotor cable was disconnected at the pin.
He thought it might has been the reason why they could not control IMMT1 mirror during iKAGRA observation.

Then, we hanged the real IMMT1 mirror, which is now without standoff, and measured the rough height.
We put Square (sukoya in Japanese) on the breadboard and used laser level to measure the height.
Because the mirror has no standoff, we used wedge mark on the mirror to measure its position.
When we released the mirror, IM and bellows, the mirror height was almost 200mm from the breadboard. 

After we measured the rough height, we fixed suspension again and then removed IMMT1 mirror from its suspension.
The mirror was packed with its case and was put in the pelican case, which is placed near the entrance of MCF booth.
The mirror will be sent to Kashiwa with IMMT2 next week and will be attached standoffs and magnets. 

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