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CAL (YPcal)
Shingo Fujii - 18:59 Friday 01 December 2023 (27790) Print this report
Modifications in PCAL Model and Guardian
Fujii, YamaT

This is a continuation of the work of k-log.
We modified YPCAL models and guardians.
The following channels were replaced by cdsfilt.

Channels in PCAL_EY:

Now, YPcal guardian can reach HIGHPOWER state.
Next week, we'll add state to inject Pcal line.

We plan to do the same with XPCAL after the YPCAL guardian testing is complete.

With previous model guardian, every time we changed the gain and offset of the pcal local control, the log was filled up.
So we could not get to the information we originally wanted to know (Factors that led to FAULT state, etc.).
Therefore, we changed it to use cdsfilt's ramp function to change gain and offset.
Comments to this report:
Shingo Fujii - 17:02 Sunday 10 December 2023 (27917) Print this report

I added some STATE to inject PCAL line and verified that the STATE works correctly.
While not yet a finished version of GUARDIAN (Decorator etc.), it is at least ready to be adapted for Xpcal.
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