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DGS (General)
takahiro.yamamoto - 20:20 Friday 17 November 2023 (27666) Print this report
Maintenance and software update of servers and workstations
I applied the software updates to k1gate, gwdet and client workstations.

By the way, k1ctr4 seemed to be touched by someone during the maintenance even though I posted on slack as "workstations are still in maintenance"...

BIOS settings became something wrong. And we cannot reach the process of OS boot-up on k1ctr4 now because boot loader cannot work well. I need few days to fix it. Probably, k1ctr4 will not be available in next week.
Comments to this report:
takahiro.yamamoto - 18:57 Monday 20 November 2023 (27677) Print this report
k1ctr4 also came back online.

Memo for myself:
Because the workstation was booted up without the boot disk of k1ctr4, previous boot settings seemed to be lost and 'grub' was launched at first instead of 'efi'. I tried to boot various ways and finally k1ctr4 was came back online by booting from [boot from file] -> [efi] -> [debian] -> [fbx64.efi] on the boot menu of UEFI.
OS can be launched also with other boot ways in 'efi', but OS doesn't come back after rebooting because the previous boot settings is not saved in these ways. Of course, when we choose the boot ways in 'grub', OS cannot be launched at all.
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